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Drawing on our esteemed guests from Life Coaches, Authors, and Christian Influencers The Man Hole will provide a transparent look at “Man” stuff to help us stay focused on the Cross and stay ready for battle.

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Latest Episodes

The Power of Deliverance: Interview with Dr. Terrance McClain

Delivered from homosexuality, Dr. McClain is great story in the delivering power of God. No matter what bondage holds you…sexual immorality, porn, drugs, alcohol, tobacco…He is bigger than all...

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Cyber Affair; Avoiding This Common Pitfall Men Always Fall Into

“It started with a listening ear and an emotional connection.” Technological advancements in this modern age are a huge help especially in reaching out to our families and friends...

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Bonus Episode; Breaking Free of The Things That’s Provoking You to Sin

“ It was completely controlling my life” In order to solve a problem, identifying the root cause, and eradicating it is the best solution. This may sound easy but...

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The Wandering Eyes: The Common Pitfalls of Men

Men are God’s most magnificent creation, and with that, God blessed us with the gift of sight to witness the wonders he created for us. But with this fantastic...

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Prologue: What is a Man Hole

Every man faces it, and there’s no escaping it! It will come for all of us, hunt, attack us on our most vulnerable spots, and the question is, are...

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