Prologue: What is a Man Hole

Every man faces it, and there’s no escaping it! It will come for all of us, hunt, attack us on our most vulnerable spots, and the question is, are you ready? Fear no more, The Man Hole Podcast is here to be your armor and weapon in facing war with Satan.

Rob is an entrepreneur and founder of whose love for God is truly immeasurable. Called by God to be his soldier, Rob’s mission is to inspire and encourage men as they age by realigning their life to seek God’s will and purpose, not their own.


  • “God is where he is if we’re feeling separation is because We’ve moved and that’s where I was in my life.” 3:11
  • “Even the godliest of men are just like us they’re just in the word in their armored and they’re prepared for battle.” 10:22
  • “Even the most righteous of men can fall, victim, if you’re not prepared.” 10:32


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