The Wandering Eyes: The Common Pitfalls of Men

Men are God’s most magnificent creation, and with that, God blessed us with the gift of sight to witness the wonders he created for us. But with this fantastic gift also comes with a price, and that is, we also see things that lead us to sin.

As time goes by, men’s view of ones doing evolved over time, and because we are men, we consider “natural” things for us. That’s the time we fall into the manhole.

In this episode, I will dive deep into this “natural” thing that we have lustful eyes. I will share with you how we can avoid the sinful desires we men face on a day-to-day basis and how we can protect ourselves with God and our families’ help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wandering Eyes;  taking control over them as sinful desires start from there
  • Common pitfalls that we men fall into and think it’s okay, label it as “natural” when in fact it’s not
  • The ripple effect of your actions from the eyes to the mind
  • Integrity; our eyes are also the eyes of God
  • Committing sin over an unreachable entity; television shows, magazine figures, etc. that affect your mind and heart
  • Protecting your eyes from the provocations around you
  • Always putting your wife first and honoring her is the unbendable shield against temptation


  • “The eye is the gateway” 2:15
  • “Just because it seems natural and we laugh in the banter with it doesn’t mean that it’s okay.” 5:41
  • “The distance is your friend separate yourself from it.” 3:55
  • “Calibrate your relationship daily with Christ to grow closer with your lord” 4:38
  • “It’s not about condemnation, it’s about his grace in his goodness and forgiveness” 4:51


Rob is an entrepreneur and founder of whose love for God is truly immeasurable. Called by God to be his soldier, Rob’s mission is to inspire and encourage men as they age by realigning their life to seek God’s will and purpose, not their own.

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